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Název: Sniping in Paintball
Přispěvatel: JoeClark Říjen 16, 2017, 11:28:57

I think people get sniping confused with an ambush. Since the practical accuracy distance of a paintball is rather limited. Despite innovations like the barrel, you are seldom going to be able to do true long distance one shot, one kill sniping. What you can do is use suit to effectively ambush opponents once they get close enough to provide a sure fire shot. An effective ambush is at least as much about choosing the location and using the terrain to your advantage as it is about your equipment and. Ambush is a very effective paintball strategy and is most easily implemented on large fields with heavy cover during games that allow adequate time to set your ambush up such as a scenario game. Most rec ball games tend to be timed so the winning strategy is more about gaining field position and pushing forward aggressively than it is about digging in and going for that one kill.

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