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Název: What's too heavy to start running?
Přispěvatel: JoeClark Říjen 18, 2017, 11:09:39

I really want to get into running, I always have. I have access to a really good treadmill via my gym to start, but I am still pretty heavy at 336 currently. I know things can be harder on our joints as we're heavy, but is it okay to try it out on a treadmill, or should I wait?Try 10 minutes and see how it feels. The Couch to  program is very good for beginners. Generally, you do 1/2 hour of mixed walking and jogging. If after the first day you feel  then keep at it. No matter what my weight, running hurts for me as I badly tore up my knees when I was in my teens and am now bone on bone in both knees.

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